David Robinson Photos

Into Africa 1963-1965

Photographs of West Africa and
the Sahara

Portfolio of 10 Fujicolor prints from digital scans in 2004. Limited Edition of 20.
  Major Photographic Series 1963-2007

Ongoing Projects

India Day By Day (2008)

Travel Photography

Travel Writing archive

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Ordering Photographs

Helen Thomas
Yoga 1972-1973

High contrast black & white photographs of a model in yoga poses printed in both positive and negative versions, some manipulated

25 silver gelatin prints, 16” x 20” and 22” x 28”
Collage 1973-1974

Cut and collaged photographs, some with applied transfers from magazines

12 silver gelatin prints of varying sizes between 11” x 14” & 22” x 28”
Italian Reflections 1973-1976

Photographs of reflections in puddles, windows etc. during six trips to Italy.

35 Dye Transfer prints 16” x 20”

Published in Beard’s Roman Women (Rome in the Rain) 1976 and Reflections (1978)
Sight, Line & Light (A Personal Vision) 1973-1982

A series of photographs examining a personal style and preferred choices.

12 Dye Transfer prints 16” x 20”
City Lights 1977-1979

Neon and other reflected lights taken at night.

Approximately 10 Cibachrome prints 16” x 20”
Hidden Persuaders 1980-1982

Photographs of magazine pages enlarged and back-lit with strobe lights to reveal both sides of the page in single register.

Approximately 30 Polaroid 20” x 24” prints
Domesticated Landscapes 1980-1990

Photographs of nature in the man-made environment.

Approximately 20 Cibachrome prints 16” x 20”
Mexican Street Photography 1980-1981

Documentary photographs of indigenous commercial photographers, their props, backdrops and customers in Mexico City.

Approximately 40 Polaroid SX-70 prints plus approximately 100 slides.
Noise 1980-1982

Photographs of the same poster found on different walls in SoHo.

10 series of SX-70 prints
SoHo Walls 1979-1989

Photographs of torn posters, paintings, stencils etc. on the walls of New York’s artists’ quarter.

40 Cibachrome prints 16” x 20”

Published in SoHo Walls: Beyond Graffiti 1990
New York Still Life 1983-1990

Urban still life; a personal vision of SoHo and New York City.

10 Cibachrome prints,16” x 20”
Traces of Immortality 1990-1992

Photographs of individual tombs and personal forms of commemoration in the cemeteries of eight European countries.

100 Cibachrome and silver gelatin prints, 16” x 20” and 11” x 14”

Published in Beautiful Death 1994
Saving Graces 1991-1992

Sensual and erotic images of women found in European cemeteries.

50 silver gelatin prints 11” x 14”

Published in Saving Graces 1995 / 1999
Dead Artists 1991-

Photographs of artists’ graves from Van Gogh (1890) to Mondrian (1944).

45 silver gelatin prints, 8” x 10”

See Ongoing Projets.
 Homage to Jackson Pollock 1991-1992

Double-exposed and uncut rolls taken at Paris’ Cligancourt flea market.

12 rolls of uncut proof prints 6” x 144” 10 Fujicolor prints 12” x 90”
 Expanded Landscapes 2005-

Triptychs of wildflowers and nature

6 fujicolor prints 6” x 30”

See Ongoing Projets.
  Step Lightly 1992

Uncut rolls of photographs of the steps of Sacre Coeur in Paris

6 rolls 6” x 144”