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La Spiaggia 2009 (The Beach)

Like an elaborate table set for a feast, beaches in Europe are carefully prepared each morning of the season for the tourists and vacationers who flock there to enjoy the sun, sand and water, to relax and to socialize. The sand is swept clean and umbrellas and chaises carefully arranged in rows, two to an umbrella. There is a system, an order to the daily preparation.

Then, the people descend, and the order of the beach is broken into many individual pieces reflecting the array of activities that go on beneath the umbrellas and all along the beach - all the fragments of beach life, whether sun- bathing, strolling, reading, playing with children, conversing or eating. As this process continues all day long, it creates an interesting visual mixture of order and creative chaos.

These strips of double-exposed negatives reflect the varied life on the beach - visually intense despite the relaxed atmosphere. These photographs were taken at the beach in Monte Rosso, Cinque Terre, Liguria, Italy at the height of the season, August 2009.

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Monte Rosso (2009)
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